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Aurubis Annual Report 2020/21

Driving SustainableGrowth

The future is made from metals. With this knowledge, we set global standards. The Aurubis strategy “Metals for Progress: Driving Sustainable Growth” is our clearly defined roadmap for shaping the future – and responsibly transforming raw materials into metals for an innovative and sustainable world.

Photo: Aurubis: Metal casting


The fiscal year in 99 seconds

A look back at the highlights of fiscal year 2020/21 – successfully implemented projects, sustainable development, and central financial KPIs.

Photo: Aurubis: All three Aurubis Executive Board members


Interview with the Executive Board

A discussion about megatrends, sustainability, change, growth – and joy.

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Our strategy provides a clear answer to how we will keep developing our business to shape the future and grow through sustainable profitability.

To our strategy

Photo: Aurubis: Casting liquid metal



We’re securing and strengthening our core business, improving it even more. Producing metals from concentrates and recycling materials remains a strong foundation for us. In the future, we want to use synergies in the Group by connecting our sites in a targeted way and optimizing material flows. This will allow us to create the conditions for further growth.

Photo: Aurubis: Man looking at sinker



Recycling is a driver of growth for us. Our copper cathodes already contain about 45 % recycling material. We want to achieve a recycling rate of 50 % by 2030. North America and Europe in particular provide us with significant growth opportunities that we will leverage with our scalable Aurubis Modular Recycling System. This will kick off with our new recycling plant in Augusta, located in the US state of Georgia. Another high-priority growth area for us is battery recycling.

Photo: Aurubis: Aurubis company premises



Sustainable conduct and business activity are integral components of our strategy. We want our production to be carbon-neutral well before 2050 – with measurable targets and concrete measures to reduce emissions. Through our responsible approach to resources, we’re already making a notable contribution to the energy transition with our production techniques – just as we do with our products.